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Loft Conversion Southfields SW18

Building Angel Loft Conversion Southfields SW18 not only provides options to give you an exceptional living experience, but also improves your property by increasing its financial value.

What is a Loft Conversion?

Loft conversion is one of the most popular ways of converting the dormant space you already have in your house into space you can use; whether it is an ensuite bathroom, a study, a playroom or a self-contained loft apartment or guest space.

A loft conversion will transform and expand your living space, providing infinite opportunities to maximise your home’s living experience.  A home is not just a static building that remains the same as time passes.  A proper home evolves with you; catering for new needs and developments in your life; it moulds to your ever-changing living requirements. 

Loft conversions provide the most effective way for you to make the most out your evolving home, allowing it to grow with you.

You can transform an attic into a fully-functioning self-contained apartment; perfect for guests visiting during the Summer, or for Christmas festivities; giving them the privacy and space they need to enjoy their stay with you.  Alternatively you could rent the space out to lodgers or students when it is not being used, for an extra income.

Basements can be converted into a playden to keep children’s activities and toys contained, allowing them to express themselves without causing havoc throughout the family home.  Play dens are great for sleepovers and slumber parties too.

You can even convert a landing space at the top of your house into a connecting en suite bathroom, or walk-in closet space.  The options are limited only to your imagination, and the Building Angel team are here to help you breathe life into your ideas.

Building Angel Loft Conversions in Southfields SW18

Building Angel prides itself in providing quality work with excellent customer service;

“Our customers feel safe knowing that they can trust us to achieve their dreams without causing damage to the value of the property.” 

It is essential to trust a construction company when having major work done to a property, because minor mistakes can mean big money loss in the long-run.  Building Angel has an established reputation for loft conversion services in and around Southfields SW18, and the team works hard to make new customers feel at ease along every step of the process.

“Our engineers are well qualified and have years of experience; having worked on various types of loft conversion projects in and around Southfields, London and the UK.  We pride ourselves in the work we do, and aim to provide a service that our clients can rave about, helping to spread the Building Angel reputation.”

Contact Building Angel Loft Conversion Southfields and receive a quote for your property’s loft conversion today.  Building Angel’s friendly team will guide you through the entire creative process; supporting your creative ideas and home needs in the initial design process, and integrating technical expertise to maximise the potential of your new loft conversion. 

Building Angel’s Clients are always eager to provide positive references for the wholesome and thorough services they have received, and the company continues to receive recommendations and new customers who have been directed by friends and family.


Last year I was looking to have my house refurbished. I was confused as to which contractor to use until my colleague, Jean, suggested Building Angel who had provided her with a great experience with the refurbishment of her own house. I was very happy with the professionalism of the team, and the work was completed according to all of my requirements. I would recommend Building Angel as a reliable company.

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