How to Make it Stop Raining Inside your House
Posted On 26, Mar 2012

The most important element of your building structure is the roof. Although your walls, foundations and interior; all are crucial, but roof is at the top of the list. Roof protects the interiors and the walls of the house. They have to face brutality of the nature for protecting the house. If they are not maintained in the proper condition they start leaking. You will be able to enjoy rain inside your house, in such conditions.26, Mar 2012

When Your Roof Absorbs the Rain Water
Posted On 10, Jan 2012

In many areas, storms and rains are quite usual. Roofs of the houses have to face the extremity of the weather. If roofs are not properly installed, they are prone to damage. The standing rain water on the roofs usually got absorbed by the roofs. Absorption of water results in the growth of bacteria and molds. The roofs also start emitting the chemicals used in constructing the roof. Water absorption also destroys the windows, walls, doors and other households. 10, Jan 2012