Building Angel-Answer To All Your Roof Problems of Your Lower Roofs

Posted On 12, Sep 2012

Roofs with lower slopes are something which has many benefits with itself. Its installation, repair and maintenance are of low cost. Many contractors deal in these lower sloped roofs. Building Angel deals in low sloped roof it provides many services with the installation and after the installations too. These services include maintenance which increases the lifespan of the low slope roof. Inspection ones in each year is enough for a low slope roof. At the time of repairing replacement of old coulking, fixation of leakage and recoating is done. These repairing facilities are done right after when the inspection has highlighted any problem. Repairs are also done in between the year whenever any complain is received. 12, Sep 2012

Planning permission for house extensions

Posted On 29, Aug 2012

planning-permission-for-house-extensionsDecision of house extension comes along with the planning permission. Seeking planning permission is not an easy job and if you want to avail planning permission you have to make certain the perfect planning. This is only possible when you have chosen right company to advice you and relief your mental stress associated with the house extension and planning permission. If you want to have deep insight about house extension planning, you can keep on reading and can have informative guide below.29, Aug 2012

Toilet Fill Valve Repair

Posted On 08, Aug 2012

Leaking pipes, jiggling toilets and clogged bowls are the few problems which are mostly encountered by the households. These problems are because of improper installations of toilets. The expert plumbers of Building Angel surely deal with the problem. But, some of you feel that calling plumbers is a luxury and you yourself can better handle the leaking fill valve. 08, Aug 2012

Single Ply Roofing Advantages

Posted On 06, Aug 2012

Single Ply RoofingSingle ply roofing outshines and offers numerous advantages over the tradition built up roofs. The major underlying features that make single ply roofing most desirable one are strength, eco friendly nature, durability and longer life span. Moreover, it renders resistance against ultraviolet and ozone exposure, extreme weathers, fire and chemicals.06, Aug 2012

Planning Permission Guidelines For Loft Conversion

Posted On 04, Aug 2012

loft ConversionHomeowners do not require planning permission, as long as they are following the guidelines of attic conversion. Converting the loft in livable place is the most desirable step, but acquiring planning permission becomes hassle. From 1st October 2008, new government legislation is applied on the loft conversion. It says that most of the homes do not need to opt for planning permission if conversion complies with the below mentioned guidelines.04, Aug 2012